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1000 Deezer Plays for you

We offer genuine International Deezer Plays at reasonable prices. We attach great importance to a short delivery time and high quality.

You promoted your tracks in Spotify and SoundCloud, are not you progressing? Then try Deezer. Although Deezer, with 14 million users, has only one-tenth of the number of users as Spotify, there are also fewer songs to stream on Deezer. Here is your chance - because you have less competition. The streaming service from France is being used increasingly, especially in Europe.

Buying Deezer Plays can help you succeed in Deezer or make your existing tracks better known. Deece's most popular feature is the flow. An algorithm that analyzes the behavior of users and proposes songs that match their musical tastes. Buying Deezer Plays increases the chance that the flow will recommend your track.

The flow tries to market Deezer as a unique selling proposition. The recommendations must be correspondingly good and appropriate. Buy with Deezer Plays you signal the flow that your song is trendy. The more Deezer Plays you have, the higher the likelihood that the flow will show your track to more users on their homepage

We only need your Deezer URL.

Important note: You buy real active Plays, there are no bots.

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